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If you want to preserve the value, beauty and quality of your antique rugs, it’s vital to use a professional rug cleaning service.. The antique rug cleaning and restoration experts of Antique Rug Galleria have been cleaning antique rugs for more than 20 years.

Removing surface dirt is only the first step in cleaning fine rugs. Professional rug hand cleaning helps to maintain the structure of the rug and the integrity of the natural fibers, paying particular attention to the fragile fibers.

As our name suggests, Antique Rug Galleria specializes in fine rugs. We have developed the safest and most effective processes for cleaning antique rugs and important rugs. Our professional rug cleaning team has successfully cleaned rugs for discriminating rug collectors, interior designers and museums.

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Dear Hans, your gorgeous rugs are an absolute joy. They have beautified many rooms in my house and are an ongoing delight. The cleaning and delivery service you provide is excellent, as are the delicious eggs from your hens.
Thank you for everything.
- Margaretta T.


Hans of Antique Rug Galleria brought expertise, history and great attention to my rugs and home. He does more than protect and preserve rugs, Hans offers great advice and guidance for your family heirlooms and your home.
- Robert Zimmerman
In 2000, Robert Zimmerman was elected to serve as a Democratic National Committeeman from New York and still holds that position. He was re-elected in 2004 and in 2008. He was also a Trustee of the 2009 Presidential Inauguration. In addition to working in many different campaign organization and media roles in the last four presidential campaigns, he was the New York State Co-Chairman of the John Kerry presidential campaign, 2004 and the Managing Chair of the New York State Al Gore presidential campaign, 2000. He has served on the National Finance Boards of the 1996, 2000 and 2004 Democratic Presidential Campaigns. He presently serves on the National Finance Committee of the Democratic National Committee. He has appeared frequently on national news programs. He was a CNN contributor for the past three years, analyzing issues and advocating positions on the international and national agenda. He is also a frequent political contributor.


I have nothing but good things to say about Hans at the Antique Rug Galleria.  I have worked with him in various capacities for the past five years at least, and have been thoroughly pleased.
Oriental rugs — new OR old — are a mysterious and fascinating subject.  Some of mine go back to my grand-
mother — some she inherited — and date to the mid-19th century.  Hans has been most helpful in explaining their peculiarities and history to me, restoring and cleaning them to almost look new.  (ALMOST being the key word, as one would NEVER want them to look 100% new!)
He and his artisans also saved the life of a large room-size Tabriz that had suffered immensely from moth damage, and truly, you cannot tell the repaired area from the original. In this day and age, it is indeed difficult to find people in any respected trade who can do things the “old” way. He is now designing and manufacturing new pieces with a distinctive fashionable, yet unique style.
His manor and sense of taste make him a pleasure to work with in purchasing pieces from the shop, and he
is painstaking in picking out what he thinks will work in your own home and bringing pieces over for on-site inspection.
Nothing but compliments  from me for Hans Boujaran. Even his name sounds like a valuable carpet!
- Susan D.

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